Sadaqa.Fund initiative includes setting up a node under the umbrella of the International Institute of Islamic Business and Finance with the following aims:

  • To undertake cutting-edge research in the field of Islamic social finance including sadaqa, zakat and waqf
  • To design and offer an online certification program for professionals engaged in mobilization and distribution of Islamic social funds, including sadaqa, zakat and waqf
  • To design and offer short-term training programs in various cities for prospective Islamic social finance professionals
  • To offer consultancy to potential donors regarding their zakat liability
  • To undertake public awareness campaigns about sadaqa, zakat, and waqf
  • To generate its own resources for provision of above services

It plans to launch the following certification programs in near future in fully online as well as blended format.

  • Certified Amil Zakat (CeAZ)
  • Certified Waqf Professional (CeWP)
  • Certified Islamic Microfinance Specialist (CeIMS)

Register at IIIBF for further details and application.